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Ayana has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Intuitive Energy Readings

These sessions are my personal blend of energy readings and intuitive coaching as I find the combination the most effective. You will receive an objective insight into a situation.

Aura Scanning & Chakra Alignment

This is the perfect way to remove energy blocks, patterns, limiting beliefs, energetic attachments and thought forms. You will learn how to cleanse your energy, how to heal and balance your energy field and how to raise your vibration.


Quantum Healing Activations

This Quantum Healing activates Your Own Healing Template for your entire energy system, it removes the energetic blocks, and restores the normal flow of energy.

The Sound Activation Codes are meant to help you connect with Your Original Blueprint, the beloved I AM presence, that contains great power and universal truth.

Golden Parchment

Intuitive Life Coaching & Conscious Manifestation

  Coaching is great if you want to get powerful insights on your situation from a law of attraction/energy perspective, whether in the department of love, money, business, health, family, improving a relationship, navigating a transition or making a decision.

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